Kirk Movies 01-09-15 — Real Estate

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Todays movie is all about Real Estate. We want you to think like a real estate agent, how they get paid. This is why real estate agents have the reputation they have among photographers. However, if you market properly, give a great product at a great price, you can be successful in the real estate market.

Try promoting your product to the real estate rental market. You will be very happy with the results.

This video was released on the Pro4uM over 3 years ago. Just image what we have learned since. Come join our family!

Kirk Movie 01-08-15 | Consulting Others | Pro4uM

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This Video on Consulting was made Exactly 3 years ago to this date. I had no idea that this video on Consulting would bring me to a new type of Professional Photography business that has made me over $60,000 a year since. That is almost $180,000 in pure profit!!! If you did not see THIS video on the Pro4uM, ever….then you have no idea what I’m talking about. Watching this video on Consulting is NOT going to give away what I did….at this moment in time, in the video, I did not even know about it….only in hind site do I now know about it.

The awesome thing is, you can learn all about it by joining our little Professional Photography Community. The has over 2 Million Posts….and is active 24/7/365. Why not do yourself and your career a huge favor and join us.

This video from 3 years ago is all about Consulting Others outside our industry. By doing that it will make you a better photographer. Learn to be successful in business by looking outside of the Professional Photography industry. Successful Business people have several things in common, but most of all they are successful. With that success, they know how to be successful and how to help others. Ultimately, it’s very basic, but there is always something to learn.

At the end of the video I talk about the 3 secretes to being successful in business.

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Kirk Movie 01-07-15 | Change | Pro4uM | USA

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Talking about Change! Not just change your photography, but change your outfit. Change your outer person and it will change your inner person, and as a resupply you change and your attitude changes. They way people view you and what you think changes, you become more attractive, people are attracted to you and as a result, YOU CHANGE.

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Kirk Movie 01-06-16 | Advertising | Pro4uM | USA

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I made this video back in 2015 as a discussion on the Pro4uM. I committed to a video EVERY DAY for 2 years. I have decided to release these videos one day at a time on the same day it was released 3 years ago.

If you would like to join my YouTub Channel to see all my professional photography videos Click This Link. I have a ton of awesome Pro Photography education, including my daughters 3 week long High School Senior Portrait tour of 8 different of the very best High School Senior Photographs all across the county.

Thus video today is all about Advertising. Back in the day I would spend thousands and thousands of dollars on advertising…now you can get the same results for nothing or almost nothing. Let’s talk about it.

The Pro4uM is where we have been talking about this subject and literally millions of other subjects. We have over 2 million posts on the Pro4uM and more being added everyday. This was talked about 3 years ago today. You can only imagine what we have been talking about since.

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Kirk Movie 01-05-15 | Ultimate Selfie | | USA

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This video was made back in 2015, 3 years ago. Can you imagine what we have talked about on the Pro4uM since then??? Join our little community!

This Kirk Movie is all about Selfies. We as pro photographers have to constantly re-invent ourselves. Back in the day WE WERE THE PROVIDERS of Selfies!!!! We gave people pleasure by providing beautiful images. And if people wanted those images, they had to come to us! Today, people provide their own selfies. They give themselves the same pleasure we used to provide with photography. We have to give people something that they cannot get from a cell phone. So how do we do that? Check out the video.

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Kirk Movie 01-04-15 | Photo Club | | USA

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What if we were to create some kind of “Photo Club”? Kinda like the American Airlines Admirals Club? What if we were to offer this club to all of our customers for $100? What if we did 500 Customers a year and half took us up on the offer? Well, that would be $100 times 250 for a grade total of $25,000 extra money in our pocket…..sound like a good idea??? WELL, check out the video and let’s talk about it.

This post was made on the Pro4uM 3 years ago…all this time, Pro4uM Paid members have been benefiting from this kind of quality information. Imagine what we have been talking about since?!

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Kirk Movie 01-03-15 | Extra Income Ideas | Pro4uM | USA

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So here is a crazy idea…what if we started doing all the things that others are not interested in doing at weddings??? Making Albums and such. Today’s Wedding photographers only want to shoot and burn. HOWEVER, there is so many other ways of making some money connected with Wedding Photography.

Check out the video here from 2 years ago and let’s talk about it on the If you think this is a great idea, remember, Pro4uM Paid Members got this idea 2 years ago! Can you imagine what other awesome ideas we have talked about since? And what we will be talking about from here on.

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Kirk Movie 01-02-15 | Drones, let’s be legal | USA | Pro4uM

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Here is another video from 2015 about Drones. The cool thing is that all the talk back in 2015 about the 333 exemption got the FAA moving and now you can fly your drone commercially with a test. If you would love to learn more about drone photography and what drone to buy and how to prep the files and make drone images look great, consider joining the The Pro4uM has been around for almost 25 years and we boast over 2 million posts all about Professional Photography. Do yourself and your career a favor and join our community.

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Kirk Movie – 01-01-15 — A Movie Every Day!

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Of course this Kirk Movie says 2015…that is when I made it…but it certainly applies to NOW…today….the question is relevant….So, let’s talk about it…..What do you think??? I will be releasing one of these every day for 1 year! So, why not get involved….talk to me….what are your thoughts. Everyone on the Pro4uM had the awesome ability to get this 3 years ago….CAN you imagine what we are talking about today? YOU SHOULD JOIN!!! check us out: You can join RIGHT NOW for 3 months for only $15….you cannot go wrong.

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