Dumbing Up Your Photography | 02-22-15

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This is crazy….where has the quality of professional photography gone??? I used to tell people to look at magazines to see what people their clients are used to looking at. I’m in the mall in this video and I’m looking at the images in the windows. It is HORRIBLE!!!!

It appears that the corporations are Dumbing Up their photography to more closely match what people are seeing on their cell phones. Could it be that we have to do the same if we are going to compete?

It always amazes me how people will hire photographers that barely know which end of the camera to look through to do something as precious as a wedding. But MAYBE this is why!

Deep, thinking like this id done on a regular basis on the Pro4uM. Our goal is to not only survive in this great industry but to thrive. So why not join our family of professional photographers from all over the world.


One thought on “Dumbing Up Your Photography | 02-22-15”

  1. Just shot a wedding last night and have decided to allow more soft focus images to creep into the ones provided to the couple as they captured the ambient feeling (and low light level) of live action shot @ f1.4 to f2.5. Caution: that being said, experience has shown that images with soft focus are the ones brides will pick for wedding albums, where such flaws become PAINFULLY obvious to the photographer, resulting in song and dance to minimize.

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