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What if we were to create some kind of “Photo Club”? Kinda like the American Airlines Admirals Club? What if we were to offer this club to all of our customers for $100? What if we did 500 Customers a year and half took us up on the offer? Well, that would be $100 times 250 for a grade total of $25,000 extra money in our pocket…..sound like a good idea??? WELL, check out the video and let’s talk about it.

This post was made on the Pro4uM 3 years ago…all this time, Pro4uM Paid members have been benefiting from this kind of quality information. Imagine what we have been talking about since?!

We would love for you to be a part of our little community! Join us and let us help you to become the very best photographer you can be.

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The Pro4uM has been around for almost 25 years….and we boast over 2 million posts!!! If you would like to join our community we would be happy to have you on our team!

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Kirk Voclain

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