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I made this video back in 2015 as a discussion on the Pro4uM. I committed to a video EVERY DAY for 2 years. I have decided to release these videos one day at a time on the same day it was released 3 years ago.

If you would like to join my YouTub Channel to see all my professional photography videos Click This Link. I have a ton of awesome Pro Photography education, including my daughters 3 week long High School Senior Portrait tour of 8 different of the very best High School Senior Photographs all across the county.

Thus video today is all about Advertising. Back in the day I would spend thousands and thousands of dollars on advertising…now you can get the same results for nothing or almost nothing. Let’s talk about it.

The Pro4uM is where we have been talking about this subject and literally millions of other subjects. We have over 2 million posts on the Pro4uM and more being added everyday. This was talked about 3 years ago today. You can only imagine what we have been talking about since.

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