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This Video on Consulting was made Exactly 3 years ago to this date. I had no idea that this video on Consulting would bring me to a new type of Professional Photography business that has made me over $60,000 a year since. That is almost $180,000 in pure profit!!! If you did not see THIS video on the Pro4uM, ever….then you have no idea what I’m talking about. Watching this video on Consulting is NOT going to give away what I did….at this moment in time, in the video, I did not even know about it….only in hind site do I now know about it.

The awesome thing is, you can learn all about it by joining our little Professional Photography Community. The has over 2 Million Posts….and is active 24/7/365. Why not do yourself and your career a huge favor and join us.

This video from 3 years ago is all about Consulting Others outside our industry. By doing that it will make you a better photographer. Learn to be successful in business by looking outside of the Professional Photography industry. Successful Business people have several things in common, but most of all they are successful. With that success, they know how to be successful and how to help others. Ultimately, it’s very basic, but there is always something to learn.

At the end of the video I talk about the 3 secretes to being successful in business.

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