Kirk Movie 01-12-15 | Mac Adware Virus

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Yes it can happen!! Mac’s can get Adware. People used to say you cannot get adware…but you can!!!! This problem showed up mostly when I was using Photoshop “Healing Brush”. It was taking me hours and hours to finish retouching. If you know me at all, you know how crazy this makes me! So I started checking and checking to find out what had happened? I blew out all the dust on my computer, I pulled out all the hard drives, etc. Finally, I came across the solution after hours and hours of searching!

So, check out your Mac and see if you have some adware. The company I found that solved my problem was Malwarebytes. They identified over a dozen types of adware that were infecting my computer. So do your self a favor and check out Malwarebytes and see if you have any problems. Malwarebytes is FREE, however, if you want it to check your system all the time you can pay for it. I love Malwarebytes!!!

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