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Posing Hands by Gary Box | Pro4uM.com Professional Photography Education

This blog post on Posing Hands is a submission by the world famous Gary Box. Gary has some great idea about Posing Hands and some awesome suggestions on the Pro4uM.com

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“Posing Hands” Post from the Pro4uM.com

Another thread spawned this one. I posted about how a hand pose was not very natural. So I thought I would post a bunch of examples of some of the things we do with hands. First of all, if you don’t have to show them, leave them out. If you have problems posing hands, avoid it.  But you can’t always. So here are some things we do with them:

Posing Hands Gary Box Pro4uM Blog Posing Hands Gary Box Pro4uM Blog

First, if you put them on a hip (which we don’t do a whole lot), I prefer thumbs back and fingers forward, with the wrist DOWN, as if at rest. Or you can place them fingers down more on the back of the hip. I rarely like fingers and thumb all pointing forward. The hand does not rest real well like that, so it is not natural.

More often, we prefer to rest them using a pocket. A thumb or fingers in a pocket is naturally at rest. You can use front pocket or rear, shot from the front or the back. Again, wrist should be down, at rest, the hand is holding it.

Notice the examples of the hand and hands here:

Posing Hands Gary Box Pro4uM Blog Posing Hands Gary Box Pro4uM Blog Posing Hands Gary Box Pro4uM Blog Posing Hands Gary Box Pro4uM Blog

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