How To Make – DIY – A Photo Booth | 02-03-15

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Have you ever wondered how to make a Photo Booth that you can use in your business? Here is my Kirk Voclain Photography PhotoBooth System!!!! If you need some extra money….it’s just way cool!!! The Photo Booth has been around for some time. But because of DIGITAL and the abilities that we have, owning your own Photo Booth is a snap. You may actually find that you already have all of the parts necessary to have one right now in your studio.

As professional photographers we just love Do It Yourself, DIY, projects. We love the tinkering and setting up. It’s part of our DNA! So, enjoy this little video and you will have your own Photo Booth Soon.

This video and many, many like it was released on the many many years ago. If you would like to get all the specs and list of things you need, just join up on the Pro4uM and get the list.

The Pro4uM has been around for almost 25 years. We have over 2,000,000 posts on the Pro4uM. Our goal is to help you become successful. There is an enemy to our great profession. That enemy is all of the cheap cell phones, and cheap digital camera where everyone thinks they are a professional photographer. We know that being a professional is much, MUCH more than just snapping a picture. Being a professional is SERVICE and helping your clients.

That is our goal on the Pro4uM. We offer you an edge with information, and ideas, like this DIY Photo Booth Idea. Imagine you could interact with all of the photographers at a Professional Photography Convention. EVERYONE. That is what being on the Pro4uM is all about. It is EVERYONE helping EVERYONE becoming the best they can be.

Let us help you and your business to be all that it can be. Join our family. Join our community of shakers and movers in the great professional photography industry.

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