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Professional Photography Education is one of my passions. With that said, let me warmly welcome you to the Pro4uM! We are glad you are here! There is no other place online that you can be to better further your photography education than right here.

We really want to help you become the very best Professional Photographer on the PLANET!!!!!! Your success is our success. Over the years we have seen thousands of photographer come to the Pro4uM with little or no knowledge and experience. With in 1 year or less they have grown into first class photographers who are more than supporting their families and their lifestyle.

First, the Pro4uM is not a free site. It is for Professional & Aspiring Photographers only and as such, it is a pay site. No part of the Forums that make up the Pro4uM are free. With that said, there are huge advantages to a community like this being exclusive and private the way it is. First and foremost, it attracts some of, if not THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS in the world! Some of those who post regularly on the Pro4uM are by far photographers like none else you will find. They know lighting, and posing and style. They know what is and is not good. But most of all they know business. Anyone can fire off a camera at 10 frames a second and 2 thousand pictures later end up with a good one. However, on the Pro4uM you will find a collection of Professionals who not only know how to take those image but then, more importantly know how to sell them.

If your goal is to get better in this great profession, you really have come to the right place!

So, let’s get started! Let’s go to the “Forums” part of the Pro4uM.

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