These BEFORE and AFTER images from some of our members. The before image represents what they were producing before they were Pro4uM Members, and the after image is what they are doing now.


Robby Bishop

The Fire Baby is the first image i ever posted on the PRO4UM. Back then my lighting and posing was very basic. Not much flair. The next image is name "FOR HIM". It scored a 98 at PPLA Convention. What I learned from the members of the forum and Kirk was how to jump out of the box and create something very different as in the bridal portrait. I saw on one of the threads that a bridal portrait needs to show 3 things.... that a bride is Soft, Sensual and Seductive. I used the 3rd one (seductive) in a more mild manner ,but the principal was the same. This is just one of the hundreds of hints, tips and encouragements is have gotten from the forum.


Mitch Green

You THINK you KNOW something - till you get around people who REALLY know something! From lighting, posing, sales, and ANYTHING anyone can thing of - I've really learned ALOT here - made some life long friends along the way as well! The first photograph I submitted - folks welcomed me right off the bat! 


Roni Cormier

Honestly...without the Pro4um...I'd still be making really bad images!!! There are so many excellent photog's here. I'm always looking to learn to improve my work. The inspiration I find on here is unbelievable. When I first joined there were only a handfull of photog's on here...but they were so willing to help and share. Honestly...I can't imagine being without the 4um!!! A BIG thank you to Kirk for starting the Pro4um!!! 


Justin Jagare 

First image with my flower bed when I showed everyone after just signing up about six years ago...and the after is now!


Joe Bailey

I joined in 2007. I wasn't new to photography, but was new to portraiture and studio lighting. I was lurking on the forum for about a month after joining and trying to get my lighting right. After what feels like thousands of hours of reading, practicing and experimenting, I like to think I've improved some. I've made some good friends on here and continue to work on my skills. 


As you can see, membership here will bring you better images. Better images will make your studio more popular. And thus, your investment in the Pro4uM will be something that is returned back to you a thousand fold.

Thank you for your visit to the Pro4uM, we look forward to you being a full member and enjoying all of the benefits inside.