The Pro4uM has been around since the early 1990's. The Pro4uM boasts well over 2 MILLION posts on the Pro4uM that have been archived and made searchable since the very beginning!

What does that mean? Well, think about it this way, if you were to take it on as a goal to read the entire contents of the Pro4uM, and you would spend only 1 minute on each post. It would take you almost 5 years to read the entire Pro4uM if you did it non stop for 24 hours a day!!!!!

That is the resource of Professional Photography knowledge that is at your finger tips and just a few clicks away.

The owner Kirk Voclain has been a Professional Photographer for well over 40 years. He is highly experienced in all area's of the business. Like Kirk says, "...it's rare to find a photographer who has both photography skills and business since." Kirk is always on the Pro4uM! Heck, do not be shocked to find him surfing around and answering questions at 3am!!

So, do yourself and your career a favor, click "Forum" at the top of this page and join our little family. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!!!!