Work twice as much for half the pay | 04-09-15

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This video we talk about the digital world that we live in now. This video is classic example of the work twice as much for half the pay photography world that we live in now.

WE talk about doing 2 seniors at the same time….working extra hard…but yet, the client expects to pay less.

On the Pro4uM we exchange idea and suggestions that help each other to become better.

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Random Thoughts | 04-07-15

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In this video I have a few thoughts that I will discuss with the group. This video was released over 3 years ago on the Pro4uM and I did this for actually 2 years everyday!

All sorts of random thoughts….so many have enjoyed these videos and have truly benefited from them. This is why you should become a member of the Pro4uM!!!

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Interview With 2 High School Seniors | 04-06-15

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This is a interview that I had with 2 high school seniors. In this interview we get into the mind of high school seniors. I ask questions like “Why do you want Senior Pictures?” “What makes you do what you do for Senior Pictures?” Here what they think about and what they want.

This kind of incite into the Mind of a High School Senior is so valuable as a professional photographer.

So many times on the Pro4uM we have had discussions like this that help all of us become the very best that we can be.

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Everything in it’s Place | 04-05-15

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In this video I’m talking about getting organized. Take a look at my camera bag, you will notice that everything has it’s place and it’s always the same.

Getting organized is a key ingredient to being a really great professional photographer. Great tips like this are all over the PRo4uM. You should join!

Late Customers | 04-02-15

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In this video we talk a bit about Late Customers! This video was released over 3 years ago on the Pro4uM. We all have Late Clients. We try to minimize some of the negativity associated with Late Customers.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of suggestions on the Pro4uM that are there for you to get better. We would love to have you enjoy all that info.