Retouching Glamour Headshots

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This image was sent to me by a Member and I was asked to make a movie of how I do my retouching process. That is what we do for each other on the Every step of my process is explained…if you are on the Pro4uM…and you are looking for where all the actions and movies and where the workflow system can be downloaded, go here:


There are literally thousands of actions and tips and tricks on the Pro4uM like you will find in this video. You should join our family of professional photographers from all over the world.

DIY Gallery Wrap Canvas Print Corners | 04-30-15

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In this video I show you exactly how to “WRAP” your own gallery images on canvas. Most important, it shows how to do the corners, which is the hardest part.

This is a way to make a bunch of extra money as you will see that the final product is pretty awesome.

The ACTION that is spoken about in this video is posted on the is you want it. You must be a member.

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Working for “Exposure” | 04-28-15

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What does this mean??? There are just so many photographers out there these days. And with that, there are companies that offer to pay for professional photography with only the promise of more work because of the good exposure you will get. CRAZY…..

There are just so many crazy things that we learn on the Pro4uM…join us.

Photographers who are Just Starting Out | 04-27-15

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In this video we talk to the “Just Starting Out” photographers. You are in a unique situation right now. You have a huge decision to make. Are you going to do professional photography full time? What are your goals?

We have all stages of professional photographers on the Pro4uM. Join our family.

Making a Living Outside of Seniors, Weddings, Children and Families | 04-25-15

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In this video, we are talking about the concept of making a living as a professional photographer with out ever selling a single print. Is that possible? How could we do that? What are some of the angles we could look at to make a living????

What if you never did Seniors, Children, Weddings, and Families? How could you also make a living?

This video was made over 3 years ago and it’s funny how “prophetic” this video has become!

Check it out and then join our family of professional photographers on the