Best Action Ever | 04-01-15

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This video is is a screen capture video made over 3 years ago. The video is about the Best Photoshop Action Ever. We have thousands and thousands of actions on the Pro4uM FREE for download. You should join us.

This action that we talk about here is by far the best action ever. It make your subjects PERFECT!!!! If you join the Pro4uM you will be blown away.



Selling Packages | 03-26-15

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This video was posted over 3 years ago. We stopped the old way and started doing a session fee and package. Or what I call an A-La-Carte Packages.

In this video I describe in detail this interesting concept of this system that is frankly to this day still working great.

It is a perfect system for incorporating the selling of digital files. This is a great system for continuing to be the “Good Guy”.

To learn more about this interesting concept and to get us to help you get it into your system, why not join the Pro4uM.

Failure | 03-25-15

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Sometimes in business you have to take a chance. Several people look at things differently. But being different and taking a chance can sometimes be so awesome for your business.

If you are not prepared to fail, then you are not taking chances. We are here to help you on the Pro4uM with your calculated chances and thus minimize the failure.

Join our family.

Saving Time | 03-24-15

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In this video we talk about Time Saving Tricks. There are so many different things that we can do that will SAVE TIME. For example…In this video we talk about paying bills and ways to save time using various services.

Another time saving trick is to get organized. Move some things around get it going in a specific order. By getting organized your sessions will be must faster and way more efficient. Part of getting organized is having a plan with your “Workflow”. I want you to literally write out our personal workflow and then get it organized.

There are tons of time saving tricks and secrets all over the Pro4uM. You should join!

Best Promotions Ever | 03-23-15

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In this video we talk about the Best Promotion ever. We all need to run promotions from time to time. The right promotion will make your slow season so much better. In this video we talk about one of the best promotions of all times on the Pro4uM. That Promotion is talked about it in detail on this video. Promotions such as the one talked about are all over the Pro4uM. We would love for you to join our community. We have literally thousands and thousands of ideas that are there to help you and your business. In this video we talk about 3 specific promotions.