Canon “On Camera” Flash System Outside | 04-21-15

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In this video I told about my “CANON” on camera flash system. I put Canon in quotes because this system or technique does not work on Nikon. For the trick with Nikon, watch the whole video.

In this video I talk about my system of using the Canon and how simple it is. I show all of my tricks and how I do it. Watch this video carefully because if you use it you will use it this way from now on. It is super amazing and super simple.

Check out the image on my personal web site: Anything you see done OUTSIDE is done using this technique.

So, check out this video and start benefiting from this super simple technique.

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Good Enough is Good Enough | 04-18-15

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This video was made over 3 years ago and it still applies today. All too often, people will say Good Enough is Good Enough. In general, people do not appreciate with Professional Photography can do and what it really is.

For those who DO appreciate it. Good Enough is just not what we should feel. WE need to give better than Good Enough. If you do, you will be in business forever.

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